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Ultimate Dice - Guide


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Ultimate Dice – Ultimate Choice



Ultimate dice are classic dice, and hash dice turned into one, adding extra freedom of choice.

While both classic dice and hash dice allow you to bet higher or lower than a certain number, the ultimate dice lets you pick two numbers and decide if you want to bet that the winning number will be inside or outside the chosen numbers.


Here I bet that the winning number would fall within the chosen numbers 4087 – 7640.




Here I bet that the winning number would be anything except between 4087 – 7640.



The highest possible payout is 9900x, which has a 0.01% win chance if you pick one specific number or 1 in 10,000. When it comes to odds, the chance of winning will not increase the more you’ve lost. Every bet has the same chance of winning (1 in 10,000 if trying to get the highest payout). This is true even for those who play with 50% odds, which means that you could lose 20 times in a row or win 20 times in a row. Each dice throw has a 50% chance of winning or losing, even though it often feels like if you have lost x times in a row with a 50% odd, then a winning number must come soon. Not true!

The game is also provably fair, which means you can control and ensure that the game hasn’t been tampered with.

You can check this by following these steps.


1.    Click on the acorn image.png.664c4916771886482c140a88b10cca21.png

2.   Generate a new seed.

3.   Choose which bet to verify



4.    Click on “verify” to open a new window.

5.    The verified nr can be found at the bottom of the page.




If you aren’t happy with the result, you can calculate it manually by following these steps.

1.    Follow steps 1-4 above.

2.    Convert the hexadecimal hmac_sha256 to a decimal nr.







4.    The eight first characters in the hexadecimal number are what you are interested in, and they should be looked at in pairs of two.


06 = 6

b4 = 180

09 = 9

54 = 84

This will give you 4 decimal numbers – 6, 180, 9 and 84


5.    Calculate the final result using the following formula.

(6 / (256^1)) = 0.023437500

(180 / (256^2)) = 0.002746582

(9 / (256^3)) = 0.000000536

(84 / (256^4)) = 0.000000020

Add it all together:

0.023437500 + 0.002746582 + 0.000000536 + 0.000000020 = 0.026184638

Multiply the result with 10,000 (because there are 10,000 numbers in this game)

0.026184638 * 10,000 = 261.84638

The numbers in front of the decimal are the correct numbers.











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