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Feature Suggestion - Adding Upvotes Feature for Suggestions & Feedback


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In May 2021, BCDash announced a change made to the help section on the forums that allowed for questions and answers to receive upvotes (and downvotes) which would allow marking the most relevant answers to questions and as a result, would help future members more quickly find the more relevant answers.

I propose that the Upvoting feature be added for the Suggestions & Feedback sub-category of the forum so that suggestions or features that are considered more strongly desired by the community as a whole can be given relevant support through the use of member upvotes, helping to organize ideas and present them in order of what is most prominently desired by the community. 

This also allows the staff to focus and/or give greater consideration to features and suggestions that members have shown the most interest in having implemented and may offer a more efficient means of determining what features are the most important to the community. This would also help prevent double posts or double suggestions from some of the most commonly requested features as they will appear at the top and have greater visibility, making it less likely that users will repost about a feature that's already known to be highly desired and commonly requested.

Thank you for your consideration!


P.S. Ironically, I did do a search before posting this suggestion and was surprised to find that the word "upvote" was not found at all within the Suggestions category and only the aforementioned post by BCDash was found, so it's difficult to say if anyone would actually agree and use this suggested feature as noted by it's lack of use currently in the Help/Feedback sub-forum; but who knows, feedback for improvements might see much more  votes if implemented.



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