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Bone War

-*Lee One L*-

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Happy New Year!!

The Bone Party has begun, it sounds like a movie name, In total, 1777777DOGE will be send out! TOP 1 in the BONE rank will receive 777777Doge alone! So let's collect the bones! You have three ways to get bones: 1 Bet on BC.Game, Wager 1DOGE Get 1BONE, of course you can also Bet BONE directly! 2 Share BONE RANK LINK on Twitter to increase the number of players who can help you to gain BONEs, each new player can help you get 1000BONE! 3 Discuss the message of BONE in the FORUM of BC.Game and say Happy New Year! You have a chance to get my Kisscode! 77-777 Doge per Code!Good luck to all you guys!

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