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PS4/5 & XBOX online betting


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I love GTAV online: specifically, one mini-game named “Sumo Remix” is a lot of fun and can get super competitive. 

I think I’m pretty good; so good, in fact, that I’d be willing to put coins up to back that assertion. 

Not everyone is a GTA fan, but surely other games are just as competitive.  Aside from the technical side and keeping it fair, couldn’t a site (such as this) make rooms for specific games where you can create tournaments and the like? 

Hmm, while I have your ear, let me tell you about this great idea I have for a new smart contract! 

Nahhh, I wouldn’t bore you with that. If you think you’re better then me at GTaV - get at me @daytryal - 

Lastly, if your a cute Asian female that likes white guys, hit me up 

Otherwise, lemme get a shitcode 

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