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Egyptian Adventure - Under The Hood


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Egyptian Adventure - Under The Hood

If you have been active at BC.game for a while, the chances are that you have played their in-house slot game Egyptian Adventure. It's fun, frustrating, and at times very profitable. If you are curious, as I am, you might have wondered how the game works behind the scenes. Or maybe you want to know the odds of hitting free spins.




I have made the game my excavation site to try and answer these questions, so you don't have to.

Like all the other provable fair games at BC.game, this one has a server seed, client seed & nonce. The server seed is set by BC.game, while the player may change the client seed, and nonce shows how many games you have played with the current seed.

The game has 6 reels with up to 7 symbols landing on each reel, which means the highest possible multiway is 7^6 = 117,649 (7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 x 7 = 117,649).




What happens when you make a bet?


First, there are two sets of reels for the base game. Reel set A (containing six reels with up to 7 symbols per reel), and Reel set B (which also includes six reels with up to 7 symbols on each). So, the first thing that happens when you make a bet is that one of the reel sets will be chosen at random (50/50 chance). Why does it have two different sets, you may wonder. Well, the sets differ a bit, that's why.

Below you can see how the two sets are configured. Note that all symbols are repeated several times on each reel, which is why there can be 275 symbols.




Let's say we make a bet and end up with Reel set A. The next thing that happens is that the game will determine whether or not 1 or 2 reels should be exchanged for 1 or 2 wild reels. There is yet another reel that only activates when you get a (chance for a) wild. This is calculated by running the server seed, client seed and nonce through the provably fair algorithm.

However, just because you got 1 or 2 wild reels doesn't mean you will end up with 1 or 2 wilds. The wild reel is configured similar to the base reels.



There's roughly a 2.6% chance that one of the reels gets replaced by the wild reel. And even if you do get the wild reel, there's only a 4.1% chance (13/317) that the wild lands instead of one of the other symbols.

To receive nine free spins, you need to land three scatter or two scatter and one wild at the first three reels.

The probability of landing 3 scatters on the first 3 reels is as follows:


p = 1 – (1 - p1) (1 - p2) (1 - p3)

p = 1 – (1 – 0.0145) (1 – 0.0291) (1- 0.0145)

p = 1 - 0.9429

p = 0.0571



For every bet you make, you have a 5.7% chance of getting nine free spins from 3 scatters on the first three reels.

As always, it's statistically speaking when it comes to odds and chances. Every time you make a bet, you have the same opportunity to get free spins. The likelihood of free spins isn't higher because you have played 75 games without getting them. This is something we humans sometimes have a hard time grasping. We want to believe that if we try to hit 6 with dice as an example, the chance of getting those six increases every time we fail.



That is not how it works!

Every time you roll a dice, you have precisely 1/6 of a chance of hitting 6 (or any other number you wish to hit). It works the same way with games like this. Every game has a certain % chance of hitting free spins or any other possible combination of symbols.

Those who are interested in the algorithm for all calculations can find all of the information at https://help.bc.game/en/article/egyptian-adventure-1x3z8rx/












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